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14 oz Ceramic Travel Mug

Our own Knitty Gritty ceramic travel mug!


Sheep Parts Knitting Bowl

If you knit or crochet- Ewe will love this yarn bowl! Handmade ceramic created in my New Jersey studio from stoneware clay and kiln fired to over 1900 degrees, it features the choicest parts of the lamb: mittens, sweaters, socks, etc....This large yarn bowl measures 6.25 inches wide and 3.5 inches high and features a wool release hook.


Sweet Mountain Knitting Bowl

Sweet Mountain Pottery Studio and Gallery, discover fun and useful clay creations. Located in 6 mile, Nelson B.C 2805 highway 3A.


Winter is Coming knitting bowl

Game of Thrones,Winter is Coming Knit Faster, handmade ceramic yarn bowl, makes a great gift for fans of the book or television series. Jon Snow may know nothing- especially about knitting- but fans who love a good "yarn" will enjoy this yarn bowl while watching their favorite characters being slaughtered by a cruel and heartless George R. R. Martin and co. This item is Handmade in my New Jersey studio. Glazed a glossy white on the exterior it reads WINTER IS COMING...KNIT FASTER and features the symbol from the House of Stark- the Greatest House of Westeros says I. Interior is glazed a glossy sword in the chest red. Features a hooked exit to remove the yarn.